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What is tai chi??????

I know the basics of it like its used for some combat spiritual development but what is it really any backround or anything on it

I am leraning kung fu would learning tai chi at the same time help me improve faster or something?

Whats the benfits of tai chi


I found lessons on youtube from a guy who wants to teach it free but he only has 29 videos each with a bunch of movements

Howmany movements are there how long does it take to learn to whole movements for yang style i beleive it is

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    The proper name is Tai Chi Chuan (TCC)and it is a Chinese martial art. In China, all the martial arts fall into 2 catagories - internal and external. They are also referred to as soft and hard styles.

    TCC falls in the internal/soft styles and there are 5 main branches of TCC - Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, and Chen (younger). There are 2 Chens because the name is very common in Chinese much like Smith and Jones is in english. Instead of using mostly muscular power as in external styles, the focus in TCC to use proper internal skeletal alignment to generate the energy/force of a strike. This is not really new in that both internal and external styles use it, but interna/soft styles use it as the principle method for combatives. If you look at a Yin-yang symbol, you will see that both Yin and Yang contains elements of the other. It is the duality of these two that makes the whole.

    Studying TCC with a hard/external style is actually the best thing you can do. They complement each other in that training discipline and the theories for stiking with chi helps you refine your external techniques.

    You are not going to learn TCC from a video. TCC is more than just the physical moves that you can see, and Yang style has 108 (or 118 depending on how you count them) postures - not 29.

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    Tai Chi is one kind of kung fu. You'd just be learning two styles of kung fu at once.

    Tai chi has particular neuroplasticity benefits (wiki it). It's also a way of allowing a person to learn how to transfer force from their body to their hands. This is called power generation using the body and gravity, rather than power generation used in boxing or muay thai: muscular chain linking.

    There is some overlap, but not enough to make the two styles of power generation compatible from a movement perspective.

    Tai Chi Quan was designed for battle, in order to render the opponent disabled or dead. Thus, that is its traditional origins and philosophy, but some of it has changed over the years so you sometimes see yoga Tai Chi.

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    Taijiquan is a MA. Chen Style Taijiquan is the Original style that all others were descended from. It was a well kept Family MA in the Chen Village till they decided to teach Yang. Who was forbidden to teach Chen Style Taijiquan to others. He came up with his own style of Taijiquan. He taught Yang Style Taijiquan for profit in Beijing. To some he taught it as a MA but to most he taught it as a "Health Exercise".

    There are many teachers out there that claim to know Taijiquan but most dont even grasp its basics. Finding a teacher that knows the art, understands it at its highest levels, and is generous with that knowlege is very difficult to find.

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    Tai Chi is an ancient form of slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise, which originated

    in China, where it is extremely popular, often being performed in public parks in the

    fresh morning air. The movements of Tai Chi gently tone and strengthen the organs and muscles, improve blood circulation and posture and relax both mind and body.

    Translation of Tai chi is “Supreme Ultimate Fist”. However, appropriately it can be

    called as “Strength within softness”, “Meditation in Motion”, and “Moving Harmony”,

    which express the spirit of Tai Chi.

    Tai Chi is described as a system of Health, Medicine, Physical Co-Ordination,

    Relaxation, Self-defense and Consciousness-raising, as well as a means of exercise and self-development.

    Unlike the hard martial arts, which rely on the force and speed, Tai Chi is “Soft”

    or “Internal”. Its emphasis lies in yielding aspect of nature overcoming the hard - like

    the waterfall, which eventually wears away the rock beneath. It teaches patience and

    relaxation and fosters an understanding of the co-ordination of mind, body and spirit. It

    is the perfect solution, to the stresses and strains of today’s modern lifestyles.

    People of all ages, conditions and abilities can benefit from Tai Chi. No special

    equipment or clothing is needed and once learned it is with us for rest of our life. Just a

    little regular practice is all that is needed.

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    Taichi originally was a style created by a man who wanted to protect his family with the deadliest style. The dark history of it is that the pressure points used were used on prison inmates. But the creator didn't want other people learning the secret so he broke it down into yang style taichi. Which later broke down into chen and sun style taichi.

    Yes it would help alot more so with concentration and focus

    Benefits: long life, increases brain activity, increases focus, relaxes the joints, relieves stress, and the list continues

    Source(s): 17 years kung fu 10 years kendo
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