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Cons: Whats your opinon of Wall Street?

and Wall Street CEO's, bonuses, etc...

Liberals seem to hate them, but I wanna know what you think .


scooterpoop supreme contributor: Im not Liberal, Im Libertarian you dumbass. I always see people talking trash about Wall St. online and I can't tell if the makeup is mostly Liberal or Con, so I wanted to know what Cons think because I could tell that Liberals would automatically hate Wall Street.

How the hell is this a bait question when its pretty straight forward. Stupid b*tch.

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    A worth while CEO will bring the company much more fortune than it would have otherwise. If a company has to pay a fraction of this gain to get it it is a good investment. If the company is being used by the ceo to get money and is not bringing in this expected gain then it is up to the boards to get rid of them. If the government would stop bailing companies out, the poorly lead ones would fail and the boards and the CEOs that fail would loose out stopping the practice.

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    9 years ago

    Conservatives are immune from liberal class warfare hatreds.

    We don't necessarily feel anything.

    (I think it's funny whenever idiots like you try to bait us with a question like this and then pretend to be innocent with your near idolatrous love of Warren Buffett. You liberals are the dumbest people living.)

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    I think that people should be able to negotiate with their employers for their salary, bonuses and other benefits, its really none of my business and shouldnt be any of your either.

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    9 years ago

    There is no way of knowing what you mean by the question.

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    It's the "backbone" of our financial world....

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Must disappear !

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