Pre-calculus troubles!!!!?

So im in pre-calculus and this is a problem our teacher gave us. I'm honestly confused on what type of machine to choose or how to explain how it relates to a function! Heres the full question:

Search your home for an appliance that models a function machine (input=output). Draw a diagram of your machine and write an explanation on how they work like a function.

Please help!

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    A function is a mathematical equation where the variables of x and y relates/ corresponds to each other.

    So if the equation is say: y= x^2

    If x equals 2, then y would equal: y= (2)^2

    y=4, y would equal to 4

    If x equals 3, then y would equal: y=(3)^2

    y=9, y would equal to 9

    As for a machine that models a function a rice cooker could work like a function. Since I cook and eat a lot of rice, for every bowl of rice I put in the rice cooker, the rice cooker doubles the amount of edible rice when it is finish cooking. Another example could be using a microwave to make popcorn. For every amount of popcorn kernels you put in the popcorn, comes out as a number of edible popcorn. As for the diagram, I would use the popcorn example, and draw a linear graph.

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    3x^2-3x<2x^2+4 unique. -2x^2 Subtract 2x^2 to get rid of exponents. a million-3x<4 ascertain. -a million Subtract one from the two aspects to get x by making use of itself. -3x<3 ascertain. /-3 Divide by making use of -3 to get in the time of the time of itself. x>a million substitute examine considering that dividing by making use of a unfavourable.

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