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Is what my friend says true?

Me and my friend were watching this old episode of Torchwood, one where Owen's character gets shot in the hip, but where he's running around all over the place about 2 minutes after being shot with only a gauze pad taped to his waist.

I said to my friend,"God, you'd think he'd have passed out or something! No-one bothered to look at it, he could've died by now, bled out or something?" and she said, "Oh well, he wouldn't he's a man, men are more likely to survive gunshot wounds than women".

I know that this is fiction based stuff, being a TV show and all, but I really don't see how this is true? I have heard that men are supposed to be more likely to survive because they don't panic and go into shock and all that because they're "hard", but women don't flip out like that either!

So, is what my friend says true? :/

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    A man can last longer than a women but other words its not possible to survive a bullet wound on the hip.

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    I really think its all relative. Of course body mass,muscle, all make a difference but technically women handle extreme pain better than men. Ive seen men stabbed, shot, hit by cars that were in less pain than watching my wife give birth lol. I agree we are harder because were conditioned to not show pain...for pain equals weakness. Really it just depends on the person/situation.

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    No thats not true. Woman actually survive serious injuries more than men do. I guess it relates to the fact than woman live longer.

    Source(s): I read about some study on the internet :p
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    i've got confidence that she made it up, yet i don't think of it concerns. that is solid that she grew to alter into an atheist because of the fact the Catholic Church teaches a brilliant number of nonsense. that's precisely why i'm not a "real" Catholic, yet a Catholic in call in basic terms. What she would not understand is that there continues to be time for her to alter right into an more advantageous atheist - to income approximately atheistic factors of view, examine the Bible (to witness a lot of its flaws), and to absorb for non-theory.

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  • 9 years ago

    It is true! Cause guys have more adrenaline so they can withstand more combined with the fact that girls get more emotional over situations

  • gw
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    it is a theory...


    some people are less prone to pain...


  • 9 years ago

    it is true

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