Applying to a restaurant in person?

Attention all Employees!

Consider this:

We constantly evaluate our pay so we know it’s competitive.

Our uniform is casual and comfortable.

Our kitchen staff enjoys a family meal each shift.

All employees receive 50% off meals for themselves and up to three guests when they’re not scheduled.

We have opportunities for:

Retail Staff




Line Cooks

Prep Cooks

Dish Washers

Please apply in person if you’re ready to have fun at work for a change!

I was on the website and I was going to fill out an application and this came out.

What do I say when I get there? What do I wear? What do I take?

I have no restaurant experience.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    ask for a manager

    do not go to apply from 12pm -3pm or after 6pm (this is their busy time and they will get mad)

    tell them you are here to apply for whatever job you are looking for

    were casual but neat clothes

    bring a pen with you

    if you have a resume ,bring it with you

    ask questions

    smile smile smile

    be friendly

    explain that you love to work

    will work whatever hours needed

    tell them you have your own transportation

    tell them you will not call in sick and are dependable

    tell them you work well with others

    the reason i say this is because this is what i am looking for when hiring a person..

  • 9 years ago

    i agree with jamie. bring a pen. and dont smile too much.

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