Writing lab reports in university ??


I was just wondering write now im in high school and when we write a lab report for the most part we can retype everything at out besides are observations are teacher whats are exact observation who took which is unfortunate how is it in university are you allowed to retype your lab observations into a good copy provided its the same information.

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    In classes where you have to turn in a formal lab report typed up, you can re-type however you want.

    But most science lab classes will require the actual lab notes you took during the lab experiments. You can not type nor re-type your lab notes.

    You will have to use special lab notebooks. The pages are wire bound, numbered and have grid lines. There are some that are single pages and some that have duplication pages. Get the ones with the duplication pages because you will have to turn in the copies as your assignment. These have double pages where everything you write on a page will get duplicated on a copy page. You keep the original page and turn in the copies. And get the ones that don't need a carbon paper.

    The reason for this is because your lab notebook is suppose to be a permanent record of all recorded findings. All lab observations, data, and results are suppose to be authentic, unaltered, recorded when it happens. If you think you can re-write it over on another page, remember that all the pages are pre-numbered with the duplicate pages having the same number. So instructors will know if a page intentionally missing.

    This means you need to plan and prepare for the experiment ahead of time and be organized about it. Write down your objectives, and prepare for what you have to do in the experiments and expected results, and write down your lab data in a organized manner. It also helps to write legibly so your lab instructors can read them.

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