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Looking to purchase a RX8?

Did the flooding issues get fixed with the 06' and up models? this will be my first rotary car and from what I hear you have to really take care of the car. Can anyone give me some tips on RX8's and how to care for them?

Thanks in advance.

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    I'm sure the flooding problem got fixed but you really need to take care of the cars. My understanding is that the rotary engine loves to burn oil so you MUST check it every 1500 miles or so and be prepared to fork over some big bucks for parts for the engine/transmission.

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    The flooding *could* still happen, but with the updated starter it should not be a problem. Its not hard to get it warmed up before you shut it off, just don't start it unless you plan on driving it.

    It does not just "love burning oil" it is designed to burn oil, so yes you must check it. Most people check the oil every other time they fill up the gas tank. I hope your getting a manual rx8, but if you are not then for sure get an 06+ rx8 since they have the "better" automatics.

    Read these threads, and then read a lot of other stuff on this forum.

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