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How much should I spend on a one year old puggle?

I am hoping to buy a puggle dog (beagle/pug mix.) Ideally about a year old. I am wondering how much I should expect to pay for her initially (just to buy, not vet expenses and food and stuff.) Does anyone know the usual rate for a one year old puggle, not purchased from a breeder but from an individual dog owner?


A puggle is a hybrid breed, not a mutt.

Hybrid: intentionally bred from two distinct races, breeds, varieties, species, or genera.

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    $50.00 tops.

    @ American Bulldog.......Do you have a high temp fever?

    @ the asker...a mutt is NOT a hybrid. Maybe you better find a different source on where you get your information from. (canine + canine does not = a hybrid, AND a hybrid is NOT a breed.

    AND, what do you mean by *two distinct races?* Human + Human = Human, not Hybrid!

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    $100 tops. It is a pug/beagle mix, NOT a puggle. "Puggle" is just a stupid name made up by idiot BYBs and puppymills to make a quick buck off of their mutt puppies. These so-called "designer dogs" are purchased by idiots that buy dogs based on trends and want "rare" breeds, even though they aren't even a breed at all.

    EDIT: A Puggle is NOT a hybrid. You can not get a hybrid from two different species. A hybrid means mixing two different SPECIES. A breed is not the same as a species. A lion mixed with a tiger is a hybrid, a horse mixed with a donkey is a hybrid. A mutt is not the same thing as a hybrid. You are wrong.

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    I would say that $50-$100 depending on if this dog is altered, has recieved all vaccinations, and comes with a crate and other supplies.

    But $900! No way! Not for a mixed breed dog. That is ridiculous! I personally would have a hard time even justifying $100.

    If this dog doesn't work out for some reason, I would check out petfinder for pug/beagle mixes in your area and adopt instead. There are tons of them in shlters across the country. Our shlter has several up for adoption right now!

    A dog from the shelter or a rescue would most likely come spayed/neutered, UTP on shots, and microchipped (which cuts down on your costs). Plus you would be saving a life!

  • I would NEVER pay more then $50 for a MUTT. And they would only be if it was already fixed & had its shots. But at the same time if was to get a mutt I would ADOPT one for the SHELTER not from some random person, specially if they call he dog a puggle <-- made up name by back yard breeders/puppy mills.

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    Should be no more than 100 bucks.

    AB: Only a complete nut would try and get 900 for a second hand do nothing pet.

    100 dollars at most assuming they also throw in the dog's supplies as well as vet records is fair.

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    Puggles average about $900.

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