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I Think I'm Supposed to be a Grade Ahead?

I'm 15 September 26, yet I'm in 9th grade... I know someone in 10th grade who is one day older than be and he has never skipped a grade. I have never been held back, I get good grades all the time. he lowest grade I've ever received was a C in 6th grade.'I feel like I'm being cheated of getting out of school earlier. I do know I wasn't very cooperative as a child going to school, but I still did good. I always wonder why everyone is so much younger than me. I'm really mad now, I don't know what happened. Can I somehow request to skip a grade and study over the next summer with summer school or something? I really don't want to be a grade behind. I don't have many friends in my grade anyways, and one of my best friends is in the 10th grade. Is there something I can do? Anything is appreciated.

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    Maybe he was put into school earlier than you?

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