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Why do people respect soldiers? When they do not support the war?

The solders VOLUNTEERED to do it. The disrespect that the soldiers show the Islamic people causes them to become hateful of America

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    The soldiers volunteer to defend and serve their country... The government decides what that means. So don't disrespect the soldiers for following orders and doing their jobs.

  • Di
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    9 years ago

    Members volunteer to join our nation's military but, they do not get to volunteer to go to war. They are told what to do and where to go by our political and military leadership. For many in the military, war is not a choice they would make. Just ask any Vietnam veteran.

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    Disrespect for Muslims?! I don't think Muslims need soldiers to cause them to hate America. They've already proven that they do. You should consider yourself lucky that those soldiers are there and not the families of those you murdered on 9/11--or some of the rest of us. You'd know disrespect then!

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  • Daniel
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    9 years ago

    They may have volunteered but in the service you do what you are told to do. That is the way it works the service is not a democracy.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    who cares what the enemy thinks-like i dont care what you think

    a soldier-esp a combat trained soldier can rip your face off and chop you in little pieces

    talking **** to the tv or on here is easy-go to the airport and talk that smak to a returning soldier

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    thedisrespect is they prefer soldiers to be equipped with magnetic shields and to use these on protest signss first before they use their guns .

    people respect red army communist soldiers and south american guerrila armies and soldiers like che guerva because they are more in line with the u.s. constitution .

    people feel referndums on how to cinduct wars necceaary .also that most uneccesary.

    Source(s): red army marxists. che guerva. bill of rights ideas. magnets.
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    they realize the solders are just pawns like the rest of us

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    I give thanks everyday to the brave soldiers of the United States armed forces.

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