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Need help finding a comedic monologue?

I've searched, but I cant seem to find anything. It should be from a play and it has to be really funny. Attention grabbing. Please help!

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    Here's my fav!


    Please. Pull over. If you don't pull over now, I swear I will flood the front seat. What is

    the matter with you? Yes. There are. They're every coupe miles or so. What do you mean,

    "not in this state?" I did speak up in the last, you wouldn't pull over than either! You had that

    country music turned up so high you couldn't

    hear me! You purposely drowned me out.

    Honestly, Chester. We're not going to make it in two days, no matter what you do - it's a FOUR

    DAY DRIVE!! You can go eighty miles an hour and take

    every short cut on the map but what difference does it make if my bladder explodes before we reach Wyoming?! Look, now there is a perfectly nice clump of bushes up ahead. You pull up beside them and give me three minutes. I promise I will be a better passenger. Who knows! Maybe I'll even help you drive!

    Hope you liked it! Good luck!

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    You would like to be an actress? So start reading all the plays you can and find monologues, it is your desire and therefore your responsibility to get prepared for it. Everyone who wants to act should have three monologues ready to go at all times, modern serious, modern comic and Classic, like Shakespeare or Moliere. I can't believe there are so many on this forum that want to be actors, but are unwilling to do their own prep.

  • 9 years ago

    Here's the link to my favorite. It's a parody of Greek mythology.


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