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good lubricant for keyboard?

my keyboards is kinda stiff even after the i thought of using a lubricant but idk what kind should i use

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    Do not use any lubricant because ultimately it is a solvent and will break down the plastic and kill the keyboard. Cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol with a spritz of compressed air will do the trick.

    Good Luck.

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    I have a little bit of experience in this field since I have various types of lubricants. The best lubricants to prevent sticking and jamming of the keys are dry lubricant (aka dry Teflon lube) and silicone oil.

    The dry lubricant spray is the safest bet because there's no way to mess up anything. It contains Teflon particles suspended in solvents. After application, the solvents evaporate and you're left with a thin dry film of Teflon.

    Now, the silicone oil spray. Unlike petroleum based oils, this one will not leave greasy residue all around. However, due to exceptional adhering property, you will be able to feel that the surface is smother even after it's been wiped off. And it's safe on plastics.

    If you're not able to disassemble the keyboard, spray in between keys. The excess can be easily wiped off and it's not messy. Silicone oil should yield better results.

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    If you pay close attention you can disassemble your keyboard , clean it and reassemble it just fine. I have taken both mac and pc keyboards apart and cleaned them up ,,

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    Well I often experience this problem. However I can often find ideas for lubricating my desktop on one of the plethora of adult websites available.

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    well actually, you could try a silicone spray...


    you may have to open the keyboard...


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