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UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez vs junior dos Santos on fox November 12th?

Junior dos Santos- has wins over cro crop, Roy Nelson, and Shane Carwin.

Cain Velasquez, the heavyweight champion who whooped on Brock lesner. Oh and not to mention he is 9-0 with 8 wins by knockout! And it's free on fox. how will this affect the pay per view sales of pacquiao vs Marquez 3?

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    Cro cop? he aint even good he was good back in japan but in UFC? no he is getting whooped in UFC

    shane carwin i think is his best win

    brock lestnar has a glass chin

    i think Cain would win against junior by KO / TKO

    and i think brock will lose against overeem

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    I think that it will be just like Nog-Velasquez. Both are good on the ground, and I think that both will try to take it to the ground, Velasquez being more authorative. Both are well conditioned, but Velasquez's is better. I see it as Velasquez using wrestling and gnp late for a KO, with a little stand up in the beginnings.

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    Jack Swagger he's been a international Champion till now, yet to be honest his call reign became prevalent at suited. i might argue the only element retaining Swagger back is his mic skills. He merely would not have sufficient aura on the mic to be taken heavily. Swagger is definitely one among the greater proficient adult men in the ring, yet he won't be able to hold his very own on the mic to save his existence. It sucks too because of the fact i'm a Swagger fan, yet as long as he has prevalent mic skills, i don't see him being a important adventure participant every time quickly. WQ: I favorite the uncooked Chamber... even nonetheless the two have been unique. WQ2: i'm high-quality with it. I see no explanation why it is not a properly wrestled tournament.

  • junior dos Santos will win that fight man

    he is a great fighter!!!


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