What nationality is the surname Goltra?

I'm trying to research my heritage and I found that my great grandmother's name was Elsie Goltra. My great grandfather's name was Arthur Harris. She remarried to a Paul Schwensfier. Other than her birth, death, and where she lived... I have no idea how to figure out either of their heritages. So I don't know 1/4 of what I am. Thanks for your help.


She had a daughter named Janet, I'm researching the background but I was mainly curious about Goltra as a name: is it Welsh, Gaelic, English, etc?

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    When and where was she born? When did she marry? Kids? There is one Goltra from Spain and two from Italy in the passenger lists. Most Goltras in the census were born in the US, as were their parents. There is a good chance that Goltra is a variation of Goltry which is English. You are 1/8th of your great grandmother.

    Is this your great grandmother?

    Name: Elsie May Goltra

    Home in 1930: Yonkers, Westchester, New York

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    Age: 17

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1913

    Birthplace: Connecticut

    Relation to Head of House: Niece

    Race: White

    Household Members: Name Age

    James J Clement 59

    Sarah J Clement 50

    Gerald J Clement 17

    Elsie May Goltra 17

    Thomas Duffy 76

    Source(s): ancestry.com
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    there are several Elsie Goltras in the census, some married, so that would not be the maiden name.

    You know when/where she was born and died...if you happened to post those vital details, someone could help you.


    Names are NOT LIMITED to single "place of origin" although some might commonly be connected to a certain place.

    Again.. don't try to limit yourself to "background" which is variable. You can find your Elsie in documents, such as the census, which will TELL you absolutely where she or her parents came from. You don't have to "figure" it out. It will be in records. You didn't give enough specifics for someone to find that record for you.

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    Surname origins will not help you research your family history...............f you have her birth then it will tell you where she as born ......................and until you research our ancestry you can' 'work out' what you are......you are who you are , your Nationality is where YOU were born/live, your heritage is what you inherit...culture,customs, affiliation, association, genes etc etc which you will already know a it is important in your family to retain these....if you don't know already then it is not inherited/ethnicity...you need to research via cited written records the people, not the name to enable you to find more and understand more...................................................

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    Surnames don't have nationalities.

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