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How to handle post-concert depression?

I went to go watch my favourite band, the Used over a month ago.

Every time I listen to their songs or look at pictures, I am overwhelmed by longing emotions to the point where all I want to do is curl up in a ball and die. It's the sort of feeling that happens when someone breaks up with you?

Am I crazy? /:

How do I handle this? I can't stop listening to them..

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    You're not crazy at all, but one thing you could do that would help you a lot is find a new band that you like a bit and listen to them and discover new music by new people. Might not even be a popular band that you find but if you have a search and see what you can find you'll find loads of other music to listen to so you can break it all up a bit. I know you won't be able to just stop listening to them, but you'll be able to mix it into other music bands too.

    Hope this helps...

    Source(s): Personal experience when I discovered an artist via myspace and got a little hooked on him! Managed to mix it up a bit and ended up finding loads of other stuff to listen to too!!
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