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Can a thrid party stop you from paying rent?

Me and my family are renting from a landlord out of town but there is a middle party .She will not give us the lease to the house as long as we owe her a balance our rent is late because she won't accept partial payment for her half.We can't get utlilies and others things handled due to this, then she threatens us with talking with the landlord about eveiction which she's not willing to give us his info to pay rent .What can be done i'm feed up.Is this legal?

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    Completely illegal for several reasons. Get a lawyer involved immediately to sort it out.

    Refusing to accept partial payment means you no longer owe anything that you have offered to pay -- she has waived the right to ask for it again, therefore it cannot possibly be "late". Threatening to have you evicted if you don't play her little game is criminal extortion. You can have her locked up by the police. Interfering with your contract with the landlord is also a violation of your rights and she could be sued by your or the landlord if you are forced to move out because of her meddling.

    You can certainly contact the landlord (the landowner records are public information) and find out if this person has any legitimate claim to half the rent you're paying, or if it is some sort of scam.

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    you live in a house, but you don't have a lease? you're trying to pay just a little bit of your rent, not the full rent? i guess that's ok, if you don't have a lease, which is a legal document where you promise to pay a certain amount. you don't have utilities? how do you get by without water? dig a hole in the backyard or something? why do you feel threatened about talking to your landlord?

    this whole situation sounds strange, but you're gonna have to give us a lot more information if you want useful advice.

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    How can your rent be late because she wont accept partial payments - either your rent is ON TIME or it is LATE. You cant be kinda late, just like you cant be kinda pregnant.

    Get your chit together, quit buying the damn crack rock and pay your god damned bills. I am tired of you lazy good for noting douches crying and blaming all your god damned problems on other people

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