What Does Labor / Having A Baby Feel Like?

Some women say its very painful and they felt like they were gonna die, others say it just feels like bad cramps and stings while you're pushing, and ive actually heard of a orgasmic birth? I just wanna know cuz i wanna have kids but im TERRIFIED of pain.

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  • 9 years ago
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    it does hurt... but every women is different. contractions were the worst part for me... i was in labour for 21 hours before they checked me... and i was only 1cm dilated.................. so they waited til i was about 3cm, then gave me an epidural to relax me.. within 3 hours i was fully dilated and had my baby! i didnt feel to much after the epidural... which was AWESOME. so im not sure what it feels like to push a baby out haha. i did feel some pressure. dont avoid having babies because your scared of pain.... they have alot of pain medications out now to help with that. i thought i was going to be tough and not get an epidural, but the pain got to bad.. i got scared and stressed..... which is why after 21 hrs i was only 1cm. they are worth the pain!!!!

    Source(s): i have a 3 month old boy.
  • 4 years ago

    To me it felt like stomach cramps you get in case you have dangerous diarrhea, most effective multiply it via a thousand. That is the exertions side. When the child got here out it wasn't quite painful seeing that I used to be stretched to this point it used to be numb. But the exertions lasted nine hours. I could advocate an epidural, that is a shot they supply you for your backbone, which numbs you from the waist down. Lots of individuals do it. I desire I had! Then after the child comes you ought to provide the placenta, that is a tremendous mooshy factor that I concept appears like a center or a liver. Then after that each and every so most of the time for the primary 24 hours the nurses ought to come and stress therapeutic massage the uterus from the external, that hurts too!

  • 9 years ago

    Pain varies for every woman. For some it hurt, for others it was quite easy. Sometimes it takes many hours and other times the baby come in just minutes. Many woman try and have natural births. There's also an epidural that numbs the lower portion your body and for many take away all possible pain.

  • 9 years ago

    I had an epidural. I didn't so much feel pain, just a lot of pressure. It was still probably the hardest physical thing I have had to do.

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