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Which Graphics Card Consumes Less Power?

So, I'm going to be building my own desktop and I was looking for quality graphics card that will not consume too much power.

The two that I was looking at were:

Asus HD Radeon 6950 DirectCU II 2GB


Asus GeForce GTX 560 TI DirectCU II 1GB

I've gone to 4 different sites to look at reviews of power consumption and each site has different data. I'm confused about which one consumes less when it's idle, on average, and the max.


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    obviously the 1GB asus GeForce, it requires less power

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    I'm not totally sure but I know that with AMD/ATI, the higher the first number, the lewss power it consumes and then add a number to the second digit to make it seem like a previous card, For instance a 5760 is like a 4860 but more energy efficient. Too bad they cant' make things obvious. I'm betting ati is better on energy eficiency though as NVidia really doesn't care about the environment, only cost performance

    Source(s): Years of research into such things. ATI usually has low power modes when not using high intensity graphics apps, whereas NVidia has only one mode
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