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how do i get my toddler to sleep in her own bed?

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    It's okay really just for a few nights sleep with her and when asleep just leave then later just wait by the bed for a few nights (make sure that the toddler hasn't any psychological problems before leaving her alone because then she'll develop sleep insomnia,paranoia, etc) but it's normal and natural I was the same way I didn't like my bed and now I sleep the through the day hope this helps

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    the way i got my son to sleep in his bed was we started by putting his bed up against ours... and each night we moved it further away it took about a week but in the end it was easy no screaming and whining .....and as much as i hate comparing kids to dogs... its kinda like potty training a dog with potty pads... slowly moving the pad to the door and finaly outside... just make sure u encourage the behavior ov sleeping in their own bed... good job... stickers .. all fruit popsicles ... good luck

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