My boyfriend found out I'm a cutter, but he's the only one I can trust, help?

My boyfriend just found out I was a cutter. I've been depressed for awhile, and I do it because it gets my mind off everything else. He was so understanding, comforting, loving, caring, everything. Then he told me I need to get help with it..He said he'd be there helping me, but I need to get professional help. The problem is, my Mom is the least understanding person ever. Like, when she heard the Demi Lovato story, she said she was an emo slut for it. I can't tell her anything, my boyfriend is really the only one I can trust. Help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you better get professional help asap.Maybe you can start to talk with a teacher that you can trust... or a counselor of course. I think she/he knows what to do. Your bf seems really nice, so don't let him down! And your mom..does she know you've been doing this? Maybe she will understand it because you are her daughter? If she doesn't, talk to your counselor.

    And I think you can always count on your best friends. Sometimes, they will give you some useful advices. Cuz my best friend was there for me when i felt really depressed.

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