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how to delete my yahoo account and yahoo answers profile....?

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    First, you CAN'T delete your Yahoo Answers profile. All you can do is privatize it as much as possible. All the questions/answers that are in voting or resolved - will remain on this site for reference forever.

    The safest thing to do is:

    Click your avatar,

    ♦ Delete open questions and answers to open questions.

    Then click 'edit my preferences". There:

    ♦ Blank out your avatar, nickname and 'About Me'.

    ♦ Close links to IM and/or email.

    ♦ Disallow fans. Remove contacts.

    ♦ Set Network and Q&A to private.

    Then go to your PULSE page:

    and privatize that using Settings (top right) > Manage Privacy

    You may want to change your first & last name to something fictitious as well, as your q&a MAY revert to your full name instead of your nickname when you terminate your email address.

    Finally, This Yahoo HELP link will help you to close your Yahoo email:

  • 9 years ago

    Click on your name i the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then, click on Account Info. Keep going until you find the Delete Account option.

    Be aware, however, that all your questions and answers stay on the site whether you're still here or not. They do not belong to you, once resolved, so your being here or not has no effect on your questions' presence on the site.

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