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what should the United states nuclear energy policy be?

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    Build as many as possible.


    1) cannot explode

    2) do not produce greenhouse gasses

    3) reduce our balance of payments problems

    4) reduce our dependence on arab oil.

    5) reduce our perceived need to placate terrorist nations

    6) produce very little waste if the "spent fuel" is recycled.

    Source(s): Nuclear engineer 37 years
  • J.
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    9 years ago

    Shut them down and phase them out.

    With all the people concerned about plastic bottles in a landfill, which may be around for 1000 years before thye are gone, you would think they would be in an uproar over the fact that nuclear waste will around for longer than the sun will shine and will be deadly even then.Except for the propaganda that they get in texbooks claiming clenliness when it is not even close. Not to mention that no nuclear plant will ever be safer than greed will allow.

    Nuclear is an old technology that has outlived it's usefulness. With the refined technologies that still can see more refinements in solar, wind, geothermal, et al, society has outgrown nuclear energy just as you outgrew your Dr. Dentins.

    Anyone who claims it is safe and clean are either "tools" or bought and paid for. Dept of Energy stats show nuclear is not safe, More fires and fatalities over the past decade than other energy production at the plants.

    What about the radioactive tailings and poluted ground water? That is all downplayed because the nuclear industry has that much money. If you think a network owned by GE, or has GE members on it's board of directors is going to be honest and report honestly about the nuclear industry- guess again. Money buys power and propaganda.

    If any policy should be adopted- it should be to bankrupt nuclear power and shut them down in just a few years.

    Nuclear energy is slowly killing you- Chernobyl, 3 Mile island, Fukishima- which plants melt down next? The one upwind of you? Let us hope not.

  • David
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    9 years ago

    moe nucs! everyone screams about fukushima. the tsunami was the killer, not the reactor. chernobyl was a mess created by the old soviet bureaucracy. no other country would consider doing something so stupid. i,d rather live near a nuc plant that a coal fired plant. why waste natural gas by burning it? i live near eleven nuc plants. clean air. cheap electricity.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Nukes should be placed each 3 or 4 miles near where the power will be consummed. I like Bill Gates' ideas and designs, in that they are meltdown-proof, in theory and really cheap to operate.

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  • John W
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    9 years ago

    Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, they're safe, can't melt down, can't explode, don't make good bombs, and they use up nuclear waste. Mind you, China has already announced that they are going to take that idea and make it their own.

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