what is a sustainability plan?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your question is very unclear however i will attempt to answer it.

    Let's start with the definition of sustainability.

    It is defined as a way of meeting the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.

    For example in the forestry industry this would refer to forest management that allows us to extract necessary resources while not depleting the resource base so that future generations are unable to meet their resource demands. However this cannot be effectively done just through proper forrest planning, but also requires ensuring that our resource demands are at a level that can be managed sustainably. Which is done through lifestyle changes such as reduced paper use etc.

    As for a plan, it could refer to one company's small economic plan, an industry's resource management plan as described above in forestry, or a large scale governmental or intergovernmental plan like UN treaties on global fisheries. Of course the larger the plan the more factors there are to consider and the more difficult it becomes to create and implement in the real world.

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