What kind of wetsuit for beginning surfer in SoCal?

I am just taking up surfing in Orange County. I tend to get cold really easily. What mm thickness wetsuit should I get?

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  • John F
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    9 years ago
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    Lessons are the best way to start. Lessons can come from a professional instructor, or surfing family members or experienced surfing friends. You have to learn surf etiquette (so the experienced surfers in the line up don't want to drown you), how to paddle and take off on a wave, and how to ride a wave. The last thing experienced surfers want is for inexperienced people to just grab a board, rush into the surf and get in our way. Lessons shorten the learning curve significantly. And they help keep ignorant, un-prepared kooks out of the water and out of the way of more experienced surfers. .

    Beginners should take advantage of renting boards and wetsuits while taking lessons. If it turns out you don't like surfing, you haven't wasted a whole lot of money on gear that you are not going to use. When you are ready to buy, don't waste your time on line, go to a good local surf shop to discuss your size (weight is import, height isn't), skill level and local wave conditions. After 45 years of surfing, I still get my surfboard buying advice from good local shops in the places where I surf. A surf shop is also the best place to find information on instructors

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I have a 2/2 and that keeps me perfectly warm. Since you get cold fairly easy, I'd suggest a 3/2 or 4/2. Just make sure you like surfing first before going out and buying a wetsuit. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would get a solid 3/2 that has front entry. A good 3/2 should keep you warm enough. The drawbacks of going to a 4/3 are that it's harder to move around in and weighs you down more. Staying lightweight and mobile is huge. Even better is surfing without a wetsuit when you can.

  • 9 years ago

    Try a 4/3... I have a 3/2 but I don't mind the coldness. :)

    Source(s): My own experience.
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