Should he bring his porn magazines into my apartment?

Just got with my best friend of 6 yrs 2 mths ago he moved into my apartment in august. hes 35 im 25. hes overweight and has a hard time gettng an erection. he had been living with his mom prior and has a vast collection of pornos. his mom and fam moved and he has been moving his stuff to the apt. he wanted 2 bring in several boxes of porn mags. i got offended and asked him y he needed them blah blah and said then fine if u bring those in im ordering playgirl he didnt like that at all. so he said hed take them to his moms to stash. i have a 3 yr old boy and i found it offensive. he said hed stash them in my sons room i was like hell no even tho hes 3 and i didnt want them in our bedroom. i knw he had those before me but i pay most of the bills and i dnt thnk i shud have that crap around plus hes making me insecure he even said jokingly last night he was going 2 put up a pic of his camaro over the bed so hed have somthng 2 look at while hes doing me i thought it was a messed up joke. should he have his porn?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think porn is harmful. I don't think it leads to rape or sexual abuse or anything like that. It's totally normal for guys to want to look at it.

    BUT this is YOUR apartment, and you have a little boy, so you have the right to ask him to store his stash somewhere else if he's going to live with you. I don't think you have the right to tell him he can never look at porn again, but you do have a right to protect your environment and your son's environment. Your home is your castle.

    Something else. A woman 'tames' a man the way you tame a wild animal. I moved in with my sweetie when I was 33 and she really changed me. She taught me -manners-, and I got better with people and more confidence and all that. From how you described him, this guy sounds like a major -loser-, living with his parents at 35, overweight, addicted to porn. 8^P Hopefully you won't insist he immediately dump his bad habits, but you will really help him to change over time. Like that crack about the pic. of the Camaro over the bed, that was just really tacky. Anyway, coming to an agreement about the porn is part of this process.

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    9 years ago

    Sounds like he has a habit or possibly addicted. He shouldn't move in unless he ready to stop looking at porn. Your child will be in the house. Is he looking to be a father figure?

    Imagine all the time he spends on porn when he could be spending with you, the child, or doing more productive stuff.

    I gave my ex the benefit of a doubt. I gave him time to give up his habit. I gave him sex whenever he wanted. But in the end, he was still addicted. Now he has chosen me over porn. I am leaving him and his laptop. Too bad he's wasting his love life over something virtual. I became very unhappy and now I feel a burden lifted by moving on! Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    defffff not i disagree with him completely, and 3 year olds know way more than you may think, as for the comment, i would have dumped him right there, but thats just me, goodluck

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  • DEFF not! tell him to put it in garage or get rid of it! a three year old should not see that!!! as for the commet that messed up hes a jerk dump him

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No. He should have more respect for you, the fact that he asked shows how little he understands women. DTMFA

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