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Help with fighting another girl?

I've been practicing fighting with my sister for fun, & to learn self defense but I never win or do anything . She always keeps her fists up & ready to punch so I get scared to go in and do anything to her. How can I get her before she punches me? Because whenever I try to do anything her fists are up, then she punches me, gets me on the wall, and pins me until I say sorry or whatever . I'm not going to fight anyone but I just want to know for future reference. Please don't say " fighting doesn't solve anything " because me and my sister don't fight to the degree that we're actually trying to beat each other, just so we can prove a point. And I'm not going to fight anyone. Thanks in advance, 10 points for best answer.

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    i disagree with the idea of fightig even for fun, a classy girl would avoid such thing, try to beat her in other activities, suggest any game u r good at, and she will feel the same way u do when u beat her at it...And u will know what it feels to be a winner ur way, not hers...

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    Drop down to tha floor, grab that *****'s ankles and pull them hard towards you. She lands flat on her back. you spring up and put your foot just below her neck to stop her getting up (remember choking her is maybe a bad thing). you then manoeuvre so that you sit on her chest, her arms pinned ander your legs. The finisher is you gently dangle some spit from your mouth until she yields or whatever it is you wanted to do.

    My older brother... What a dick

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    Micheal's answer was great. But I did tae qwan do so this is what I would do. I would slid my foot under her, make her fall and then attack.

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