Tonsils swollen and red, green and white puss coming out of left tonsil?

ok, it started 4 days ago, my throat got sore, then my tonsil puffed up all red, I looked at it close and it had white puss coming out of glands in the tonsil, then my fever went to extremes, sweating, headache and vomiting, all the while my throat is hurting so badly i cant eat or drink. im still in this condition four days later but now, im weak, dizzy and the puss in my left tonsil is in soo much pain i cant bare it, i cannot go to a doctor due to personal issues with my job and such, i cantrisk losing my job. i have been taking Day Quil, Advil, Throat Spray, and Halls but none has helped, i have also been gargling salt water but it has not helped either

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  • 9 years ago
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    You aren't getting any better because you need antibiotics.

    PUS = Infection because of bacteria.

    Consider one of the MinuteClinics in Drug Stores, or Drop in Express Care/Urgent Care centers, that have extended hours? You need to see a doctor, because you arent' going to get better without antibiotics.

    Source(s): Occupational Therapist
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    5 years ago

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    9 years ago

    i think you might have mono because i have mono and strep throat right now and i have the same symptoms as you. there is no medicine that will take mono away, so even if you went to the doctors the would only give you pain killers. but i do think its worth a visit to med express or something.

    what i took before i got my pain killers was really strong ibuprofin

    Source(s): i have mono right now
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