pre calculus question please help!?

The kingdom of Logarithms was attacked and overrun by vandals. King Trigonometry and Queen Polynomial were forced to abandon the kingdom, leaving with only their clothes and a cart filled with sacks of gold. In order to leave the kingdom, they had to cross 10 bridges. At each bridge, Trig and Poly had to pay a toll equivalent to half the number of sacks of gold they were carrying plus one more sack. When they crossed the last bridge, all they had left was one sack of gold. How many sacks of gold did they begin with?

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    Add the remaining gold left (1) by 1 then multiply that value by 2. Repeat the process for 10 times gives you a total of 3070 golds.

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    2^10, or 1024.

    The problem is silly.

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