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Is it ok to listen to the Quran while reading it in your heart?

As in, not read it out loud..I have it in my iPod so can I just play it and open my Quran and read it in heart while listening to it

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    Yes, You can.

    Listening to the recitation amd/or reciting the Holy Quran gives one Bliss / Solace / Peace of Mind/Heart/Soul.

    Try also to study the inner meanings and signs thereof given by Allah in each and every verse pf the Holy Quran.

    Love and Peace for Mankind

  • abarca
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    A womans era would not make her spiritually unclean. The quran would not excuse or forestall salat for the duration of your era. Now, not analyzing the quran is humorous! What achieveable reason would desire to you will desire to deprive your self of the message of God, it quite is what you get from hadith and different guy amde policies that circulate straight away against the quran

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    Yes of couse =)


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  • musa
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    9 years ago

    Why not?. That is one way to master 'Tajweed'.

    Thats also a deed worth 'rewards'.

    But not in 'salaah'.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes. This is what we do in Mecca too.

  • Ella
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    9 years ago

    You should do both, sometimes aloud and sometimes not aloud...

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