Is this guy trying to flirt, does he like me? HELP!!!?

Firstly, yess im sure he is closeted. He trash talks me all the time and is mean around either one of our cliques, which is basically all girls. However, there is a class when neither of us have our cliques with us, and when we are in there he completely transforms. He laughs and smiles and makes eye contact, and other things i would consider flirtatious. For example, tuesday he poked me with a pencil and then i laughed and smiled and looked at him and was like "really?" and he just laughed and smiled and was like "sorry i have muscle spasms haha" and he talked to me a lottttt. then later he whispered my name and was like happy birthday! and tried to give me a piece of his friends hair. My point is despite all this trash talking and stuff, is he trying to flirt w/ me even though he is in the closet?

I know i already asked this but i didnt get very good answers

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    9 years ago
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    Yeah that is what it sounds like! i actually need help with something similar so if you are willing to help could you email me ;

    Thanks! I think you should just keep on being friendly and eventually he will ask you out or something. but the thing about the trash talking you is weird :s Although he could just not want his friends to think that he likes you, sounds like he does though

  • window
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    9 years ago

    yeah, he sounds like a sweet heart.

  • 9 years ago

    isnt that just being friendly?

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