What do you mean by caste change in Hinduism?

I am a muslim girl and loves a hindu boy. Everything is fine between us except his mom's back dated thoughts. She is really confusing me. She said i need to change my surname into his surname is we get married. Usually when we marry within religion also , our surname do change if we want. So this is not the issue. But she wants me to get into her caste...What does that mean? Is she asking me to convert into her religion. She told me that once i get into their caste, i can follow my religion and she won't have issue with it. Please help me am really confused.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If your really a muslim girl you wouldn't marry him, its forbidden for us to marry non-muslim men. And what does your mom think about you marrying him? and by caste she's asking you to change your surname. Caste means surname, simple.

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