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What age did you lose your virginity? Do you regret it?

I know this is personal but it's for a survey on a course i'm doing.

I lost mine at 14, i'm not proud of it and if i could change it i could!

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    Im a virgin but I plan I staying that way. I know everyone has their own beliefs but I dont want to lose my virginity to anyone who will break my heart the next day. I do believe its a 'gift' and i dont want to regret losing my 'gift' to some loser really.

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    I'm still a virgin and I'm glad I didn't lose it to any of the losers I've been with! I will only lose it to my husband, only he would be worth losing something so special (plus if he left me at least I'd get something out of him for revenge, but when ur just dating someone and he leaves u, ur left with nothing hehe)

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  • I lost mine at fourteen. And I don't really regret it at all. He was my friend and a really sweet guy. I don't think virginity is a 'gift' or whatever. It's just sex.

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    i lost mine at 15 but i do and i don't regret it because if i didn't do it with this guy i wouldn't have this confidence that i have now and i wouldn't be with my boyfriend and i do regret it because i could have saved it for my boyfriend and we could have been both our 1st

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  • Amy
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    18. And no I don't regret it.

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    14, IT MESSED UP MY 8th GRADE! >.< I was called slut all year long && I lost alot of friends

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