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homework help, u.s history?

Who were the first people to inhabit or live in the Americas? What did they do for a living? When did they migrate? Where did they come from? Why?

Write examples showing how these early Americans interacted with their environment

Why did Europeans start exploring and settling in the Americas after 1492 AD?

What 3 worlds came together as a result of 1492 through triangular trading? Give examples.

What was the impact (results) of European colonization after 1492 on the American Natives?

PLEASE HELP. i have 3 packets and 2 graphs to finish and i need help with these questions

my teacher didnt give us a textbook

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    Natives have lived in America over 50,000 years. We were (and still are) farmers. We didn't "migrate" from anywhere.

    (there was an old out-dated theory we "migrated" from asia via the bering strait, but that was disproven decades ago)

    Europeans came to the americas looking for gold and slaves

    The impact on natives was that 95% of the native population was destroyed by smallpox, measles, and influenza- diseases brought by Europeans which natives had no immunity to.

    Source(s): Navajo
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