If I was applying to work in GAME, should I put "gaming" as one of my hobbies?

I'm sure you know that usually, if "gaming" was to appear under the interests and hobbies section of your CV or application form when applying for a job, it would be a bug fat minus. But if I was applying to GAME for Christmas, should I include "gaming" in my CV? Would prefer to hear from someone who knows what they're talking about rather than personal opinion, but all answers welcome.

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  • Ivy
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    9 years ago
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    Yes, this an exception to the rule, because it does have something to do with the job. In additional information you could say something like:

    "As an avid gamer, I am familiar with many of your products already and would be able to recommend games to fit your customers' skill and interest levels."

    If you do get an interview, make sure you are knowledgeable about what they sell when you go to your appointment, so you can back up what you said on the application.

    Source(s): I would like to see that on a resume if I was hiring for a sales position that sold games.
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