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My 2002 BMW Ci is leaking Engine Oil, where could it possibly be leaking from?

I bought a 2002 BMW Ci last month and I have been having oil leaking problems. We changed the rack and pinion and the oil filter, cause oil was leaking from that also. But for some reason I still have oil leaking.. :/


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    maybe the oil pan's gasket is bad?

  • JeffB
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    9 years ago

    Also check the oil filter housing. This is known to go bad in these models and cause one heck of a leak.

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  • 9 years ago

    Put newspaper under the car so you can pinpoint the leak . If its red and smells like antifreeze , then its **********. If its black and smells like oil , then its ***. . Once you reach that determination you check for loose hoses or radiator leak for the antifreeze and Oil filter for the Oil . If the leak is light gold and cleaner than oil and closer to the front tires its the UV joints. The important thing is the car is still running .

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