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what supplies do i need for a budgie?

hi, i am getting 2 budgies for my birthday :D and i am wondering if i could get a list of supplies i will need. ! also what is the minimum cage size for 2 budgies? and how much should my budget be? thanks!


my local pet store(which is really small) only sells budgies in pairs, dumb, really dumb i know.

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    Find a big roomy cage (srry, I on't know the exact size).

    Different kinds of perches (no sand paper perches though, tit l rip their feet open)

    Toys. I'd say nothing with anykinds of rings that they can get their head stuck in, or eat little pieces that are not suppost to be ingested. Also, don't get mirrors. I know it's really cute and all, but the bird will literally fall in love with it's self. Kinds of toys: Atleast one big toy that they can climb onto and really get some excerize tearing it apart, rather than just nibbling at a small toy from time to time. It gives them a lot more excerize. Lot's of textures is a must. Rope, leather, paper, a bit of wood, etc. If you can find something that has it all mixed together, that's great! I wouldn't get anything with blocks of wood on it, because buggies won't be able to get their beaks into that.

    Cuddle bone

    Pellet and seed diet. Try to stay away from nuts (they're hi in fat), make sure to give your birds fruits and vegies on a daily basis. Abosultly no mushrooms, celery, squash, chocolate. It will KILL your bird.

    Cage cover for night time, towel works fine, too. (Parakeets need at least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, or they will get sick. So schedule a bedtime)

    Millet, only give a little bit of it at time, as a treat.

    A clicker, not nessacary, but good when it comes to tricks, and target training.


    Food bowls

    Bath bowl

    play stand, or perch outside of cage.

    Cozy corners are always fun, too

    Also, I noticed your getting 2. I'd advise you to not, because birds are flock animals and always need company. If you put 2 bugies together, then they will see each other as their flock. If you only get one, then it'll see you as the flock, and always want to be by your side, rather than just olerate you like the pair will.

    If you have considered to get your bird from a breeder, and get a hand raised baby then Great Job! If not, you seriosly might want to think about it. Why? Because birds from a petsore, especially a chain petsore are a pain the the butt. They have very little human contact, and which is why they have a tendancy to freak out everytime a hand comes in their cage. Also, they tend to be a lot older, and not babies (if you get a baby, it will grow up with you, only making it love you even more). Most people pick their birds on color, but you should really be picking it on the amount of stripes they have on its head. The more stripes the younger. If you insist on getting a bird from a petstore, and if you insist of getting 2, make sure you get a female and a male. Two females will fight, and two males will fight. So pick two birds that are snuggling against one another, or sitting next to eachother (actually side by side away from the group, not just on the same perch) that means that those two have paired off, and unless they're confused, there should be only one male, and one female. At the bird store I work at which sells hand raised babies, and adopts out birds, and is a strictly bird shop, our prices on the hand raised babies are 25.00.

    I hope this helps!

    PS. The reason I stress getting hand raised babies is because those birds have been in contact with people all their lives, and will most likley no step up, and be comfortable on your hand, rather than a petstore bird.

    Source(s): Owner of cockatiel, past owner of parakeet, owner of cockatoo. Works at a bird store.
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    Budgie Supplies

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    24 x 24 x 24 in is a good start for 2 budgies, but the bigger the better. I don't think getting 2 is BAD but it's best to house them separately and taming them and getting them to bond to you is best. They can be close by. And then if you don't have time for them at one moment they will have each other.

    So for 1 budgie 18 x 12 x 12 in is one answer I found. Again...bigger is better!

    You should look to spend $200 in intial costs including the vet, but this could be more or less depending on where you find deals (you can find cheap cages on craigslist and ebay! But try and make sure they are made from bird safe materials!), and whether or not you decide to try a vet visit.


    1 or 2 Cages



    ---I've spent $40 on store bought toys but I've also made toys for my cockatiels with supplies from the dollar store. So google that and try your hand at some making sure to buy bird safe items, but buy some toys first so they'll have something to start with.


    ---variety. Avoid sandpaper or cement perches, they're rather uncomfortable. If you feel it necessary to use some limit them to one or two. Rope perches are flexible and birds love these too, but they are hard to clean. ($20)


    ---Pellets ($10), seed ($5-8), Fresh fruit and veggies. Again, bird safe fruit and veggies. Quality pellet diet, and seed. I feed seed as a treat, I put them in foraging containers for them to find. Pellets make the bulk of their diet, but others feed what they feel is best for their birds. But seed (in my opinion) should never be the staple. It's high in energy, and in the wild it would be fine because they would burn it off, but cage birds don't get that exercise. It also does not have a variety of minerals and vitamins, which again birds in the wild would eat other things to fulfill their dietary needs.

    Avian Vet

    ----Annual visit for 2 birdies: $100. You should call around, this is not the same for everyone and can change with illness and such. I spent $200 on my most recent trip to the vet for my two cockatiels.


    ---to cover the cage at night.


    ---Spend as much time (at least an hour) with your budgies.

    Nail clipper

    ---($3) if you do decide to clip your bird's own nails, read up on it first. There's risks involved.

    I believe that that's it, I can't think of anything else!

    Source(s): Owned by 2 cockatiels
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    May i just first start saying get one; because they will bond with you and won't fightt. Getting two budgies is most of the time trouble.

    But it is up to you:)

    You will need-


    Fruit (for treats)

    Toys-Includes swings; bells-I must warn you do not get a mirror!! I got my male budgie a mirror, and when he was tame; he stopped giving me love and thought there was another budgie inside. It got all worked up. I took it out and then it was looking for it day after day; and he has forgot about it and everything has been ok since-he is tame again!!

    Water- To drink:)

    Perches-They need somewhere to jump/fly.


    For a budgie itself; it shall cost no more than twenty five pounds. (Cheaper from a breeder, i got mine ten pounds but any pet shop it's like twenty pounds)

    Cage size should be big. About the size of a cardboard box. That shall be good for a single budgie or a pair of budgies.

    For two budgies; i would say about 70 pounds.

    For a single budgie, about 60 pounds.

    Monthly, for food n' all; for a single budgie it shall cost around five pound; for a pair it shall cost about eight pound as it's pretty cheap.

    I would recommend getting only one; as you won't have to worry about spending even more money, breeding and fighting; which may result in depression/seperating cages.

    I have a single budgie and he is not lonely, he classes me as his partner; and plays with me everyday.

    If you are only going to get one, get a male: more vocal (singing and more chance of talking) and more friendly and affectionate where the females have almost no chance at all at tlaking and mdo bite, though the bites don't hurt a little bit at all.

    Males have blue ceres.

    Females have Pink/Brown.

    Good luck!!:)

    Source(s): Owns a budgie:)
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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I also like everything everyone has told you but I also like a perch that can help keep their nails trimmed and they have couple of different kinds. As far as toys my bird has one of those long Curly ropes that I'm not sure he could live without. Oh and a bird bath would be nice. I don't know what you are going to use for potty time but I have always preferred the black and white parts of the newspaper.

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