Im 25 yrs old only making 11 dollars an hr am I a loser?

Im 25 yrs old graduated college (my career goals were/are to go in Law Enforcement) but due to the recession most LE agencies are not hiring and if they are the openings are very minimal...anyways I went back to a trade school and some training courses in pharmacy technician and I'm currently working full time in a pharmacy only making 11 per hr...At 25 I feel like a loser making such a low income. I live on my own have my own apt and vehicle etc I dont have children so my money is easy to stretch...but I at times feel that I will never get out of this finacial hole...i want to someday own a home and travel without having to count every single penny

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    9 years ago
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    No your not a loser your independent

    At least your working and supporting yourself

    Yes its hard to walk into your dream job

    But you sound motivated in what you want from life

    I,m sure your determination will get you there one day

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    9 years ago

    Let me use this as an example I have a cousin whom is 25 and will be 26 next month.. Stuck making 7.50 or so (under 8 bucks an hour) at the moment.. She lives with her mom and has a child. So.. No, you're NOT a loser! In this economy anything is better than NOTHING!

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    I know how you feel, but trust me people have ti worse than you. I'm a 24-year old college grad living on unemployment benefits in my own apartment and no car. Although I don't have children to support some days it's really hard.

    We all have that desire to reap the rewards of our hard work, so don't worry. Just keep working hard and you will.

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    9 years ago

    Unfortunately, I know plenty of middle aged and up people, with BS degrees or more, who aren't making any more than you are...the economy and job market STINK all over the US right now...

    Be thankful you have a reason you can't be looking for something with a higher wage (or take a 2nd job if needed), while working your current the saying goes (and it tends to be true) "it's easier to find a job, when you have a job"...

    Now, what does your post have to do with Marriage or Divorce???

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  • 9 years ago

    You are being way too hard on yourself. Be glad that you are not making minimum wage and try to look at the positive side of things. I mean with today's economy and how the unemployment rate is. You are educated and young. You are gratefully employed and have many years and promotions to look forward to.

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    9 years ago

    No. Its called keep living, eventually you will make more.

    At least you are 25 have a degree, your own place and a car.

    If you were 25 uneducated unmotivated and not working, you would then be a loser.

    Cheer up, your doing VERY GOOD!!!

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    9 years ago

    Jimminy crickets, I'm a college graduate and I DREAM of making $11 an hour.

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    9 years ago

    Hey now, I raised a kid on $11 an hour, and did a fine job. As long as you are making your own way you are a success.

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    don't worry what anyone else should think. Live life and try the best you can.

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