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jo calderone question???? plz look at it?

ok so lots of people say lady gaga alter geo jo calderone was her boy friend well her ex boyfriend and then people also say that they are the same person i know gaga dressed as jo for the vmas so did gaga have jo as her boy friend and then broke up then make a character named after him all i want to know is jo real or not

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    No, Jo Calderone is just Gaga's alter ego. She said they were dating because it goes along with the meaning of her new single Yoü and I and the video for it. It's about loving every part of yourself, which is why she has that alter ego.

    Jo Calderone was named off a few things. Gaga loves the name Joanne, which is also her middle name, so Jo is short for that. Also, her fathers name is Joe. Calderone is her grandmothers middle name. :)

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    Jo Calderone is Lady Gaga's Male Alter Ego!

    And he is not REALLY a person, its just gaga dressed as a man

    If you dont know what alter ego means heres what it means:

    is a second self, a second personality within a person

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