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  • YK
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    10 years ago
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    1.123木頭人- 黑澀會美眉(Dj殘雞Mix for魚魚)


    3.90度理想 DJ EriCSsoN 2007 REMIX

    4.斷了愛情的念頭 DJ EriCSsoN 2007 REMIX

    5.別怕我傷心 By Dj KuT 2007 Mix

    6.香香 - 泉水 嘿嘿版(Dj王志 Remix) By Dj KuT 2007 Remix

    7.New - Edit Pop Dance By Dj KuT 2007 Remix

    8.娛樂009 Dj飄哥Remix

    9.New 小女孩 羅百吉 2007 Remix

    10.carnival(摩天輪) Dj Jerry 2007 Remix

    11.Super God is Girl_By Dj Piao & Dj KuT_2007 Break Beat Remix - KuT版本 飄哥重新Re鼓聲並加強過門

    12.Flyzone - Ready to Run By Dj KuT 2007 Mix

    13.Holly Dolly - Dolly Song 甩蔥歌 (Dj Satomi And Pure Dust Remix) By Dj KuT 2007 Remix

    14.Khia - My Neck My Back (DJ 阿勳 Remix 2007)

    15.Eddy Wata - La Bomba (崩巴拉) By Dj KuT 2007 Remix

    16.Gummibar - Gumimaci (Klubbtigerz Remix)小銘mix

    17.歐捏捏-小銘Mix(HIP-HOP2版) -

    18.Funky Monkeys - Uii Uii(Dj Mns vs Dj Indurro) By Dj KuT 2007 Remix

    19.Resource - 18 Mne Uzhe Yuan 小澤元 Remix 2007

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