Question about Texans backfield?

This retains to Arian Foster owners more than anyone, but how do you guys think the Houston backfield will be tomorrow? I predict: Arian Foster will not play, and Derrick Ward will shoulder the load for the Texans, with Ben Tate receiving a few carries, and Steve Slaton non-existant. What do you guys think? easy 10 points!


I'm giving thumbs up to people who answer for effort, I really do appreciate it.

If anyone else is reading, who would you start in place of Foster?

Steven Jackson vs. Philadelphia

Tim Hightower vs. New York Giants

Marshawn Lynch vs. San Francisco

Thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am an Arian Foster owner and I have been keeping tabs on this all week. (By the way did you know Arian has his own Radio show on Yahoo Radio every Thursday at 7pm) Here's the link to it:

    Now back to your question. I believe what is going to take place is Derrick Ward in the 1st half is going to be on the field the most as he is very good at pass protection on 3rd downs, and that's one thing they have been harping on Ben Tate to get better at is pass protection during practice. If the games stays within 7 points, Ward is the guy you want to roll with. Remember, last year Ward averaged 6.9 yards a carry when he did get to run the ball and is a former 1,100 yard back a few years ago with the Giants. Now if the game gets out of hand early you will see a lot more of Tate in the 2nd half then you would Ward.

    It's like this, the safer play is Ward, the high risk but maybe also high reward guy to go with is Ben Tate. From everything I have gathered Foster is not going to play tommorow. Myself I am putting Ward in my lineup. Also take a read at this. Look behind Kubiak's words and you will see that odds are Ward is going to the featured back:

    I hope I was of help. Good luck tommorow!

    P.S: I would roll with Steven Jackson

  • 9 years ago

    Ward is going to be the "for show" starter. He's the veteran and they want Ben Tate to prove it before they hand him the #1. Tate will get the majority of carries. Slaton is a 3rd down back and will stay as such. With out Foster it will be more mixed. Instead of one back(Foster) getting 80% of the carries. It will be more of a 60/40 split with Tate getting 60% of the carries.

    That's all if Foster doesn't start though. If Foster is playing then none of the backs are starters. In my opinion not even Foster. He's still gonna be dinged up so used sparingly then Ward and Tate will split the remainder.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Even if Foster does play I don't see him getting many carries.

    The Texans are very high on Tate, so much so that rumors are circulating about trading Foster. He'll likely see a fair amount of action regardless of Foster's status but he's not likely to have too much thrust upon him yet.

    I think you're right about Slaton, he's seen his best days in Houston, not that there were many of them.

    I think Ward will get more touches than either Foster or Tate. He's looked real good for them before, like his 6.3 yards per carry in limited action last year but if there ever was a running back by committee it's the Texans early this season. I don't think it's safe to start any of them, not even Foster until that hammy is fully healed.

  • sean
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    9 years ago

    ward will get most of the carries but then tate will take over

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