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Is there any way I can get this popular guy to get me pregnant?

IM 14 and I THINK i'm ready for a child and I have the right guy to get me pregnant but he doesn't want too so is there any way I can poke holes in his condoms without him knowing what I did?

I have a job and I don't want to be an old mother so I wanna have a baby before 16. My boyfriend is 17 and he's the coolest and richest guy andhe's so perfect.

What if I buy condoms then poke holes in them, then have him use them?

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    1. I get wanting to have a kid but you're only 14! Having a kid is a big responsibility. Waking up all hours, going to school, going to work, watching it. And you can't just have a baby and expect someone to do all the work just becuase you don't want to. You have a lot of life still to go. You're only 14, for all you know tomorrow you and him could break up. What are you going to do if you both break up and you're pregnant?

    2.I get not wanting to be an old mom but being a young one can damage not only the baby, yeah it can damage the baby becuase you might not be ready even though you think you are, but it can also damage you. Like physically becuase your bodies not mature yet.

    3.Poking holes will work but like I said you're only 14. Give yourself time to be a teen

  • You are still a child yourself. How you gona raise one. So your telling me if you wait til your atleast 24 you are going to be old! What species are you? Cause last time I checked people live alot longer lol.

    Lets give the 14 year old a reality check-

    You can't drive, vote, drink, or rent a vehicle or get a hotel room! This means both you and bf are living with mommy and daddy. Don't you know you have to be an adult to do these things? To rent a car you sometimes have to be 23! Good luck geting an apartment to approve your credit score. And same for your bf he can't even provide either lol. When you graduate HS, have a place of your own, take care of all the bills that come with it, and settle down and get married THEN discuss with your husband the baby issue. If he doesn't want it and you trick him he will eventually LEAVE YOU. Tricking someone on a serious matter is a selfish b**** move and when you do bad things bad things follow.

    Oh and poking holes in the condoms and then giving them to your bf? If he falls for it and doesn't relize hey why was this condom open and theres holes it in.Then he is dumb just like you and we don't need any more dummbys in the world.

    Try to live your life before bringing life into the world.

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    You are not ready for a child. First of all to be a parent you need to be mature. Planning on this "soap opera" conception is ridiculous. Both parents should be in agreement before conceiving a child. Who is going to pay for this child? For their food, healthcare, clothes, school, etc? I have a feeling you think that the money just appears? You say that your boyfriend is rich...he is 17! He doesn't even have a real job yet let alone the ability to pay for you and your kids. You need to rethink your priorities in life. Graduate high school and do something with your life.

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    What are you thinking? girl your 14. What about school, college? I'm 24, out of school, married and have a career and let me tell you if it isn't easy for me it isn't gonna be a walk in the park for you. They need 24/7 attention and care. You will have to give up your high school and college life. Meaning no dances, parties, going out with friends..ect. I think someone has been watching a little too much of 16 and pregnant and teen mom..thinking it's all fun and games since they are "famous" moms now.

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    You really one the dummy award today... This by far is the dumbest thing I have read today... No 14 year old is ready to have.a kid... Life is not about material things and wants, its about needs and what it will take to get you to the point you need to be... So dummy by how stupid your question was I don't think you deserve a child until your late twenties ... Even then people aren't ready!!!

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    You should start taking fertility drugs and poke tons of holes in the condoms! Make sure you have sex everyday! and maybe try getting him drunk and see if you can convince him not to use a condom. :)

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    so very wrong

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    Lol, thanks i needed a laugh today

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    Please seek professional help immediately.

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