I Need Big Help With Character Names and Title?

The Story is about one night five teen camping in the woods and one of them hears noise goes to see what it is the first character hear her scream they could found her. After 5 months they found her dead body. And now he or she is trying to kill them also before they can found who she or he is.

What would be a great title for the story and I need Character Names

First Character (Girl) 17 age : Jock and Artist , Brown Hair with Azure Eyes

Second Character: (Girl) 17 age: Girly Girl , Blonde hair with Green Eyes

Third character: (Girl) 17 age: Writer, Black Hair with Brown Eyes

Forth Character: (Girl) 17 age: Scientist, Blonde Hair with Brown Eyes

Fifth Character: (Guy) 18 age: Punk Black, Hair with Brown Eyes

Sixth Character: (Guy) 17 age: Fun and Stupid, Brown Hair with Blue Eyes

Seventh Character: (Guy) 16 age: Smart, Blond Hair with Green Eyes


First Characters- Mother, Father, Older Sister, Nephew, Grandmother, Step Mother, Step Sister, Brother in law

Second Character- Mother, Younger Sister, Step Father

Third Character- Mother, Father, Older Sister, Younger Brother, Grandmother

Forth Character- Mother, Younger Brother, Step Dad, Step Brother

Fifth Character- Mother, Father, Older Brother, Niece, Sister in Law

Sixth Character- Mather, Father, Brother

Seventh Character- Father and Mother

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  • Amy
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    9 years ago
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    1: Audrey Leroy

    2: Bethany Stewart

    3: Vanessa Darwin

    4: Irene Hastings

    5: Kenneth Levard

    6: Lee Patterson

    7: Bernard Vallier

    I don't know what you mean by "Others"... are the characters listed there related to the ones above, and you need names for them? If so... this is what I've got:

    1: Mother: Sarah./ Father: Roger./ Sister: Iva./ Nephew: Daniel./ Grandmother: Mary./ Step-mother: Linda./ Step-sister: Susan./ Brother-in-law: Vincent.

    2: Mother: Bonnie./ Sister: Julie./ Step-father: Joseph.

    3: Mother: Alice./ Father: Gregory./ Sister: Jennifer./ Brother: Alexander./ Grandmother: Nancy.

    4: Mother: Lillie./ Brother: Hayden./ Step-father: Donald./ Step-brother: Jeremy.

    5: Mother: Kathleen./ Father: Mathew./ Brother: William./ Niece: Payton./ Sister-in-law: Danielle.

    6: Mother: Dorothy./ Father: James./ Brother: Dennis.

    7: Mother: Carrie./ Father: Leonard.

    As for a title... here are a few of my ideas:

    - "Your Heartbeats are Numbered". Or "Your Days are Numbered".

    - "Silence Camp" or "Silenced Camp" (referring to the girl that was murdered at the camp).

    - "Broken Hourglass" (referring to them having only a little time before the killer finds them).

    - "Murder" (a simple title usually catches the eye).

    - "Silent Screams" (referring to the characters and how they're terrified [I would imagine] but can't say anything because they're afraid the killer might find them is they speak a lot about it [if the story is like that, I wouldn't know]).

    Those are the best titles I can come up with, haha. Hope I helped with at least one name or possibly the title! (:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The story sounds very cliche`, as in it's been done a few times. Or something very similar.

    But I will help you out.


    - The Camp of Hell

    - Camp Hell

    - What Happens in the Woods.

    - Dead Wood/s.

    Character 1 - Lara, Zara

    Character 2 - Caitlyn, Kimmy, Lilly

    Character 3 -Skye, Eva, Evalyn

    Character 4 - Chloe, Zoe, Tina

    Character 5 - Jett, Harley, Travis

    Character 6 -Dylan, Riley, Kyle

    Character 7 - Simon, Xavier, Patrick

    As for the other character names, there are a whole lot of names just given.

    You can check them out.

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