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How do I say this in German? Any German natives?

A girl asked what kind of cats I have.. I don't know how to respond.

One cat is a siamese, the white fluffy female is half siamese and calico. All the other pictures you see are strictly domesticated cats. None are purebreds.

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    Eine der Katzen ist eine Siam, die weiße, flauschige ist halb Siam und halb Calico. Alle anderen auf den Fotos sind Hauskatzen. Keine davon reinrassig.

    edit: Whoops, English creeping into my German. Thanks for spotting it. :)

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  • 8 years ago

    @ Dahlia: I think it's much more common to say "Alle anderen AUF den Fotos", not "IN den Fotos", don't you agree? :-)

    As for the rest, nothing to complain about ;-)

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