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The Labour Party vs UKIP?

I have to write an essay on which British political party I would vote for. I've discounted the Tories, lib Dem's, the BNP and the green party and that leaves me with Labour and UKIP.

Labour seems like a fair party that stands up for equality and fairness, but seems too relaxed when it comes to mass immigration and islamic extremism.

UKIP wants to leave the EU (which I have come to agree with) and wants to get rid of political correctness and bring in a fair points based system for immigration. It's also a Libertarian party that believes in free speech, something that's been on the decline recently in my opinion.

What are your opinions? I know they are two completely different parties, but I can't decide whether i'm left or right wing.

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    Out of the two, I prefer UKIP. I'm increasingly becoming to believe they are the way forward.

    The Labour Party say they stand for equality and fairness, but they really don't seem to represent the working man anymore. Combined with massive over spending and taking us into an illegal war in Iraq, I don't think they have a lot to be proud of in recent years.

    UKIP seem to favour common sense, democracy, civil liberties and free trade. They're offering genuine alternatives to open borders and mass migration, without resorting to out right racism like the British National Party. They want to withdraw from the E.U because they see it as un democratic, which I agree with. However, they sensibly recognise the importance of trade with Europe and want to negotiate a free trade agreement between ourselves and the E.U.

    As I said, I'm becoming increasingly supportive of UKIP and for a genuine, sensible alternative to the main stream parties I suggest you strongly consider them.

    Have a nice evening.

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