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How to clean balcony gutter from dog feces and urine?

Our dog does his business at our balcony. When i am at home i clean the stuff and throw it in the toilet. My boyfriend decided he would clean the balcony one day and instead of throwing the stuff away he used the water pump to flush them down the balcony gutter, a pipe going through every balcony. He's done that 2 or 3 times. He only told me about it when the people downstairs starting complaining. They said the smell is so foul they can't even stand to step out on their balcony. I've pured 2 bottles of chlorine down our balcony gutter but the people downstairs said the terrible smell is still there. What to do?

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    Do NOT pour bleach down, the combo of tha and chlorine would be toxic to you and your neighbors.

    Call a contractor or carpet cleaner business and ask about removing feces/urine smell from gutter metal. Tell them what you already used, so as not to get a toxic reaction with gasses.

    You can use a hose to continually pour ater down to dissolve things, it'll take care of the urine but the feces may be dried on a bit more.

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    I think your neighbors are just trying to be nudges and actually can't smell it after you've used chlorine. Maybe try bleach.

    If they still say something, call your super/landlord and explain the situation to him and let them inspect to see if there really is a smell left and/or to rid it of the smell. They may charge you for having to do something, but paying a hundred bucks will probably be worth it in the long run (instead of dealing with the neighbors).

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    Balcony Gutter

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