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compare Asus EAH5770 graphics card to a nvidia graphics card?

hi my friend has that asus graphics card and he can play a game i cant and now i want a graphics card that is just as good as that asus one so my question is what nvidia graphics card is about just as good as that asus one??

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    Nvidia most trusted... WTFE! It's somewhat true about the developer part but that DOESN'T apply to the Gamer or the Home user. This really applies to the application that being used. There is really no need to look at only one brand or be a fanboy. For a regular user or gamer there's NO reason to stick to one brand.

    The GTX 550ti or the GTX 460 SE are Nvidia's cards that closest to the 5770. The GTX 550ti is the best out of the 3.

    For $30 more you can get a card that's a lot better. I would buy either a 1gb GTX 460 or a Radeon 6850.

    The best value is the sub $200 cards like the GTX 560 or the Radeon 6870. These cards will give you the most performance for you dollar.

    If you want to get close to maxing out the games then look for a GTX 560ti or 1gb Radeon 6950. Going over the GTX 560ti and 6950 level is where the performance to the dollar level drops off. You will have to pay an extra $100 for a card like the GTX 570 or 6970. These +$300 cards aren't a whole lot faster than the +$200 cards.

    That's what you really have to look at, Performance for the dollar and quality of the card. You're not going to beat an EVGA or XFX card in terms of quality.

    The only time you need to check the requirements of a game is when you're going to buy a cheap -$80 video card. What you really need to worry about is if your power supply can support the video card. Also you need to worry about your processor bottlenecking the video card. An old Pentium D or Athlon 64 X2 processor wowill bottleneck a high performance card like the 6870. A faster Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processor and a GTX 460 will be a pretty good pair.

    Right now there's an XFX 6870 at newegg for $170. You could never beat that.

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    i love ATi by no skill had a card die on me, cant say an similar for Nvidia :P yet using an ATi card on smaller operating structures will be a discomfort... So homestead windows/Mac then its going to be an ATi Card. yet Linux/BSD/Skyos/and so on. Its going to be an Nvidia... yet who else in assessment to good old AMD/ATi would launch their new chip (HD 3850) for the getting older AGP slots :P lengthy stay my Quad Xeon gaming rig :P

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    generally nvidia cards are more trusted as well as used by all people and professionals.. if i were u i would go for nvidia.. but pls make sure the card ur purchasing should meet the requirements specified in the game..

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