I'm in the process of applying to Liberty University Online...?

I'm planning on taking up their bachelors in psychology program with a concentration in crisis counseling. I am wondering if this is a good school or not? I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me some experiences they might have had or have heard about with this school. Also I was wondering if this degree will be valuable or not when I go to look for a job?

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    Our company will not accept a "degree" from Liberty University, Capella, Walden, Strayer, U of Phoenix, AMU and few other schools as a qualification for employment. We think that anyone foolish or naive enough to get caught up in one of those joke diploma mills is not a person we want in our organization.

    We do have a number of employees who obtain all or most of their degrees with online study, but it has to be from a state public university or from a well-known and respected private university. Liberty is neither.

    EDIT - FWIW we hired a plant counselor who had earned her degree from UMass online several years ago while she was in the Army. She has a good education and we hope that she stays with us because she is such a valued employee.

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    Liberty University Online Application

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    The other Responders sneering at Liberty University are ill-informed about this school.

    Liberty U is a good school, programmatically accredited in many Majors, including Nursing. ABET accreditation is pending for the School of Engineering.

    A lot of people don't like Liberty because it is unapologetically and inflexibly Protestant Christian — with a severely non-mainstream set of religious beliefs — but this isn't reason to dismiss the school.

    Liberty University gets a solid "B" from the ACTA Education Foundation for the school's commitment to comprehensive general education. Liberty teaches these basics of informed citizenship very well, including descriptive Science/Biology.

    Liberty U gets a "Green Light" from the ISI Institute for Liberty's intellectual diversity (!). Though the school does teach Christian Orthodoxy, the school does allow full debate on topics where Christians might legitimately disagree. There is not the coercive liberal bigotry against conservatives and Christians found on many secular campuses.

    I myself would not attend Liberty. I do not agree with the school's Biblical Inerrancy theology. I believe Evolution and the the fact of a very old Earth are established beyond reasonable doubt. However, believing in Biblical inerrancy and the Adam&Eve/Noah stuff does NOT preclude Liberty graduates from studying Science or from being well-educated, productive citizens.

    On the specific issue of Psychology: NO online degree in Psychology, from Liberty or elsewhere, has credibility, especially one which claims to teach "crisis counseling". You need on-campus training at the Master's level or above.

    Also, yes, it's true; even though Liberty U is regionally accredited, some administrators at secular colleges go out of their way to find bogus "reasons" for not accepting Liberty students to graduate studies. Be warned.

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    Psychology is the second most popular major. If you don't have at least a masters in it, you can't do anything in the field. It would be a generic college degree from a school many consider a joke and even worse, you earned it online. It wouldn't be useful for much of anything. And it's really hard to get into grad school with an online degree. You'd have no research experience or experience working with others, and that's crucial to fields like psychology.

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    Liberty University already has a bad reputation. Why would investing tons of money in its online program be any different? Nobody with a sane mind would want to put that name on a resume, let alone an online degree from that garbage school.

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    Hello Again Evan

    You already have my opinion of Liberty.

    Why don't you amend your question to include your state of residence [for tuition purposes] and your SAT scores [M and CR only]? There are a number of great schools that are offering online programs and it is easy enough to determine what alternatives that you have.

    Save money and get a credible online education.

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