Are people starting to realize that Revenge of The Sith wasn't really a bad movie?

Don't get me wrong, it's not anywhere near as good as Empire. It doesn't even come close to Jedi which was the least amazing of the originals (although Leia never looked better, even when she's surrounded by the lumbering blob Jabba). But, when you look at the overall scheme of things they did fix a lot of the problems of Phantom and Clones.

One, they didn't mess with Bobba Fett. That was a no-no.

Second, they kept the romantic stuff more under the radar, making it only part of the necessary story of Luke and Leia being Vadar's children.

Third, they got rid of Dooku ASAP.

Fourth, they didn't make the emperor into a pedophile and more of a cold, calculating menace.

Fifth they make Anakin less of a whiny bit&h.

Sixth is they made the troopers actually have a functioning braid ("Shoot Dooku! He's escaping on that flying Speeder Bike!" "We're out of rockets!" "OK well don't we have some big@$$ f**king lazers?!?!?!" Am I the only one who thought that when they were chasing Dooku near the final battle in Clones?). They may not be Einstein but at least they can fight, when the trooper jumped right on top of the spider droid and shot the sh*t out of it I thought "awesome."

Seventh is they gave Yoda some decent CG unlike in Phantom where he was a puppet that looked worse than the one from 1980 (and yes that was the same in episode 2 but they also had Yoda jumping around like he was training for a pole vault while on Walter White grade meth (if you don't get that it's a Breaking Bad reference great show if you haven't seen it)).

Eighth is the fact that Obi-Wan Anakin relationship started to seem like a close friendship which can add some emotion to not only the amazing fight between them in the end that is only matched by the fight scene in Jedi from an action point of view but it adds to the emotion shown by Obi-Wan in the originals.

Ninth and undoubtedly the most important is that JarJar Binks was never EVER even mentioned. You could go as far as to say that Mace Windu (who is the only likable new jedi) said 'Screw the Jedi Code! You gonna die, BIT*H!”. And if that is a deleted scene from the DVDs or new Blue Rays tell me so I can pop the discs into the old XBox or run my @$$ down to Best Buy and bust out $250 for a Blue Ray player and the new disc sets.

Anyways, what do you guys think? They definitely did fix a lot of the problems but it is still undoubtedly nowhere near as good as the originals and by no way take it as me thinking they are, but I still think its a good 7.5/10 with the Original a 9.3/10 Empire a 9.8/10 and Jedi 9/10.

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    Not only is the story in ep3 drawn out and boring, the acting and directing do not help it. Also, the visuals didn't save the life of this movie, which I was kind of hoping for.

    All of the reviews I'd read previous to viewing this movie raved about how this movie reclaims the mess Lucas made of the two previous prequels. They couldn't be farther from the truth.

    The story is slow in many parts, and in some places does not make any sense.

    For example, Anakin’s cross to the dark side is not emotionally explained. It just kind of happens. I didn’t feel him go bad. He was just there. Here we have Anakin at one point willing to slay Palpatine - being a Sith Lord, then a few scenes later Anakin is calling him master.Anakin then proceeds to butcher the "younglings" at the Jedi academy.Huh????

    Did we feel anything for Anakin??? Nothing at all. He was not even a tortured soul - the decision to embrace the dark side seemed like a decision to buy a new brand of condom's. This was NOT a tragedy!!!! It doesn’t make sense. That’s just one of the many examples of the lack of adhesive to glue this movie together.

    - Anakin has a freaky dream about Padme dying during childbirth. For some reason, this spooks him out even though I'm sure deaths in childbirth should be pretty rare in a society where they can construct a droid army, a clone army, and reconstruct perfect working body parts.

    - Anakin Helps the Empire "Hunt Down and Destroy" the Jedi Knights

    The way Obi-Wan describes Vader's treachery to Luke makes it sound like it was quite a task indeed. What Obi-Wan does not explain is that there was very little hunting involved. What Vader actually did was show up and kill everyone. "It was quite easy, really," Obi-Wan might have explained. "It only really took Vader about twenty minutes. But what a hunt it was!"

    - The Higher Ground

    At the end of the duel, Obi-Wan tells Anakin not to jump up at him because he has the "higher ground." Apparently, Obi-Wan has a terrific advantage, being five feet above Anakin at this point. (The entire time Obi-Wan spent climbing up the melting arm of the station, ten feet above Anakin, apparently did not count for anything.)

    - When Anakin is defeated, it is so gruesome and upsetting that it quickly crosses the line from sad to comical. He screams and shouts "I hate you!!". Then, suddenly, he just bursts into flames. Apparently, being the same distance from the lava that he's been for the duration of this entire duel has finally caught up with him and causes his body to finally catch fire.

    - "She has lost the will to live..."

    Bail and Obi-Wan get Padme to the medics as soon as they can. The medical droid explains that, medically, Padme is in perfect health, yet they are losing her anyway. For good reason, this seems to confuse Bail and Obi-Wan, who are surprised that she's dying. "We can't explain it," the medical droid says. "She has lost the will to live.", imagine that, if this were possible, there would not be suicide, people would not need to kill themselves when something bad happens to them

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    you must be blind if you called Yoda in Phantom a pupet lol..

    it was CGI since 2 years before when they rebuilt him for the dvd's

    as for the rest, i agree and disagree with most of what you said

    I dont care what people say bad about Ep 1-3 they were great and i wouldnt change a thing.

    I think people are blind to how the story was told. People call Anakin a winny kid, well look at the story line.

    He got so worried about his mother and padme, that when offered a way to save at least one he took it, but in exchange for lies.

    Thats also why in ROTJ when he see the emporer killing Luke that he turns back, he realizes finally that it had all been lies.

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    I admire your passion and devotion. You must have enjoyed "Galaxy Quest."

    I've never seen Sith -- I didn't want to see beautiful Hayden Christensen turn into Vader -- it was cruel of Lucas to cast him in that role. But I hear that it was the best of I, II & III.

    The originals were the best for many reasons, mainly because they were about common people and clear cut good vs evil.

    Lucas originally had intended to make VII, VIII & IX -- wonder what changed his mind.

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    i actually liked Revenge of the Sith. it was pretty dark but it was supposed to be. i only saw it once but i liked it way more than the other 2.

    but yea nothing can beat the original. A New Hope gets a 9.6, Empire Strikes Back gets 9.7 and Return of the Jedi gets a 8.7 just because those muppets annoyed me

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    All episodes are awesome, except that it should've been revealed in the third that the Sith is Anakin's father (although I don't really know, but it should've been. It should've been). :D Also, I oppose the nice burial for Anakin at the sixth, when he was the one who ruined everything. //I love Star Wars. :)//

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    Can't wait until Episodes 1-3 come out in 3D format.

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    Agreed, more than made up for the "Phantom and Clones". Excellent points though

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    i don't know

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