What is the title of this movie?

There was a movie we watched back in school when I would have been in either grade 5 or 6. It was roughly a half hour long, and I'll try to give as many details from it as possible...

1) There are two brothers, the older one is in his 70s/80s, and is a professor or scientist and lives in a mansion. He's always inventing new things, and takes pride in his work and who he is. His younger brother (John, I think was his name), on the other hand, is the type of guy who drinks, gambles and lives a less than respectable type of life.

2) Somewhere in the story, we learn that the professor is fairly well off or has access to a large sum of money and has chosen not to spend it. John is well aware of the funds, and wishes to gain access to them in order to keep up with his lifestyle. Professor dodges his brother at every turn, and keeps the money well hidden.

3) This part I can't recall for sure. Somehow or other, the professor passes away. I think it was simply old age as far as I can remember. Anyhow, now that he's gone, John is certain that as the only surviving family/heir, naturally he will get the money.

4) While searching through the mansion, clues lead the brother to the professor's study, where an odd coffin with the top made of glass is displayed. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he climbs into it. As he lays down, the top closes and he realizes the money is inside the side panels of the coffin. However, he can't escape and his brother's voice starts speaking from a recorder.

5) John begins to freak out, followed by a needle that comes out of the one panel and shoots poison into his arm. The recording tells him that he will be dead in a short while, but long enough for him (the professor) to say his final words to his brother. The coffin has a set of four wheels, and drives out the mansion and into the nearby forest, all the while the recording is still playing. Eventually, the coffin stops and blades come out of the four corners in place of the wheels. The blades slice the earth around them, and the coffin starts to sink. The last vision John has before dying is dirt being tossed on the glass top.

This movie was seriously creepy, and why we ever had to watch it I can't begin to figure out. (My teacher was a real piece of work too though, so who knows LOL!). Anyways, any suggestions as to the title of this film would be much appreciated :)

PS- Forgot to mention, I would estimate that this video was done either in the 1960s 0r 70s, and was a very low-quality sort of film.


That's the one! As soon as I saw the mansion at the beginning, I knew that was it :) Can't resolve my question yet, but thank you both for your answers :)

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    The Ray Bradbury Theater (TV anthology series)

    "The Coffin"

    (Original Air Date May 7, 1988)

    starring Denholm Elliott, Dan O'Herlihy and Clive Swift

    IMDb synopsis:

    When eccentric millionaire Charles Braling takes all his savings to his manor and builds a glass coffin, his greedy brother, Richard, mocks him. Charles dies, and, in the will, Richard may have the mansion and all his savings if he finds where it is hidden. Richard finds the money in the coffin, but it's not as easy as it first seemed.

    EDIT: Here's Part 1 on YouTube:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0683207/ NOTE: I haven't seen it for a very long time, but I've been a devoted fan of Ray Bradbury since I was about 16~a very, very long time ago.
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    WOW! It was a very creepy movie, but unfortunately I never saw it so I don't know the title. Sorry.

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