is liberty university online a good school?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes, Liberty U is a good school, programmatically accredited in many Majors, including Nursing.

    I lot of people don't like Liberty because it is unapologetically Christian — but this isn't reason to dismiss the school.

    Liberty University gets a solid "B" from the ACTA Education Foundation for the schoool's commitment to comprehensive general education.

    Liberty U gets a "Green Light" from the ISI Institute for Liberty's intellectual diversity. Though the school does teach Christian Orthodoxy, the school does allow fulll debate on topics where Christians might legitimately disagree. There is not the coersive liberal bigotry against conservatives and Christians found on many secular campuses.

  • Zelia
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    10 years ago

    Liberty University face-to-face is not a good school, so I see no reason why their online school would be any good either.

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